I recently had the pleasure of working with an up and coming little star who goes by the name of Hattie Gotobed known to a lot of people as "chatty Hattie" we worked together on a short film project for my University, the film is up on YouTube and is called 'Ball Gameshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDFAJc77s8c&feature=plcp 
She and her siblings starred in this film and all have done professional acting, in fact Hattie was in the new Kristen Stewart film, Snow White And The Huntsman as seen in the first image.  Having finished the film, I wanted to work with Hattie again given how likeable she is and I decided to write a web series which I could film with friends in which she could star in. The project is called 'Parasomnia' and is a supernatural drama, something I’ve always wanted to write. So many people say that what is creepy about horror is when you get the children involved, so that’s what I intend to do. 
MORE TO FOLLOW. I will post a synopsis shortly on the series idea. I want feedback.  


Since this idea is probably loosely inspired from my favourite show Ghost Whisperer, or at least it came from the fact I’ve always wanted to write some sort of Supernatural drama/horror like 'Ghost Whisperer' I wanted to write an effective narration, something to go at the start of each episode like Melinda’s introduction at the start of each Season One Ghost Whisperer episode. 

How is this for an outline for a series, read the Pilot description.

Tell me if you like this idea. It’s a description of the series, the pilot episode description and the narration I want to be at the start of each episode. 

PARASOMNIA (30 Mins Web Series)

What if you could see what they see?

Genre: horror, drama, mystery, thriller. 

Night terrors commonly occur within the hours between midnight and 2am and cases usually happen in children aged 3-12 though in some cases certain sleep disorders can occur beyond those years. Children rarely remember what was so frightening about their dreams and act completely oblivious in their conscious state, but what if someone was able to see into their dreams and piece together each haunting image…

A new medical study into sleep disorders has Child Psychologist Dr Nadia Lane racing against time to find out why she is able to see into the dreams of children, what it means and why each dream is more prophetic than the last.  

Central Characters:

Dr Nadia Lane 

Dr Gary Hall 

Graham Lane

Pilot - Dreaming is believing.

Shortly upon moving to their new home in the peaceful town of Oakdale, single mother Martha Robinson becomes concerned over the well being of her daughter when it seems she is harming herself in her sleep. Choosing to have Amy undergo a psychiatric evaluation at Oakdale Clinic under the supervision of Dr Nadia Lane, they determine that what Amy sees during her night terrors is the former occupants of her new home trying to send her a message. 

Introduction, Narration (at the start of each episode)

Nadia Lane:
'Hi, my name is Dr Nadia Lane and as a child I suffered from parasomnia or “night terrors” as they are more commonly known. The cause of them was never clear, but they stayed a lot longer than they should have. In fact they never left.  Night terrors occur most with children between 3 and 12, though in some cases it can continue into adolescance. For me, the nightmares never stopped. I soon learnt why, they aren't my dreams I'm seeing but the nightmares of those around me, specifically children. I see what they see, feel what they feel,  what they don't remember. I trained as a child psychologist so I could help people. They thought there was no cure for this sleep disorder. They were wrong, that's where I come in.'  

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